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Guava Glazed Pork Chops by Chef'd, Inspired by the Cayman Islands

Deana Saukam

I mentioned in my previous blog post about how excited I am about the Cayman Islands themed meal kits from Chef'd. Each recipe brings to the table the vibrant and unique flavors of the Caribbean, and Chef'd and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism have collaborated to create something really special. I was delighted to cook up the delectable and satisfying Guava Glazed Pork Chops with taro root chips and grilled mango and jicama slaw for dinner. 

Spicy, sweet, fragrant and savory, the Guava Glazed Pork Chops blend together the extraordinary tastes of the Cayman Islands for a new take on traditional pork chops. As with every Chef'd meal kit, all of the ingredients are shipped directly to you and conveniently packaged, ready to begin your culinary adventure.

Start by firing up the grill, dicing and chopping fresh pineapple, habaรฑero pepper, garlic and cilantro:

The journey continues by seasoning and grilling mangoes and crisp jicama to be mixed together with the fiery habaรฑero, fresh pineapple, lime and cilantro, creating a bright citrus slaw. 

Slather a sweet and tangy guava glaze onto juicy pork chops, and get ready to grill:

The final addition of starchy taro chips add texture as well as neutralizes intense flavors. Once all of the elements are plated together, the result is an intoxicating array of contrasting, yet perfectly balanced aromas. The Chef'd and Cayman Islands Guava Glazed Pork Chops is a dish that you'll want to revisit, both at home in the kitchen and in the Cayman Islands.  

Find more Chef'd and Cayman Island inspired meals, including Guava Glazed Pork Chops, at Chef'd, available now through September 15th. This post is brought to you in partnership with CIDOT and Chefโ€™d.