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Transport Yourself to the Cayman Islands with Chef'd's Piña Colada Chicken

Deana Saukam

Experience the taste of the tropics with Chef'd's new line of bespoke meals, inspired by the Cayman Islands and delivered right to your door. 

I was thrilled when I found out that the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Chef’d have teamed up for an amazing line of meal kits, available just in time for summer. Dubbed the "Culinary Capital of the Caribbean," the Cayman Islands are the perfect destination for lounging in the sun, frolicking in the sea, and indulging in incredible cuisine, all in paradise. These Chef'd meal kits are the perfect opportunity to treat your tastebuds to a mini-holiday, in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

The first Cayman Islands x Chef'd meal kit that I whipped up was the very tasty Piña Colada Chicken with coconut barley risotto and sugar snap peas. I was especially excited when my Cayman Islands inspired meal kits arrived, as it felt like opening a package with two tickets to paradise. I love the marriage of flavors in this dish: sweet, tart and fresh pineapples combined with rich and aromatic coconut milk, and crunchy sugar snap peas. Both welcoming and refreshing, the Piña Colada Chicken was a hit in our house. 

Each delivery from Chef'd comes neatly packaged with everything you need, prepped and almost ready to go. Trim and chop the snap peas, bell pepper, pineapple, shallots, garlic, green onions, and thyme, and you're ready to start cooking!

Making the recipe is a blast too, and there's lots of fun stuff to do, including preparing the risotto, seasoning the chicken with thyme, and sautéing pineapple, snap peas and bell peppers for the final product.

My boyfriend and I turned it into a date night at home, making the dish together, and enjoying it al fresco on a cool LA summer night. The only thing missing was actually being in the Cayman Islands, but we definitely felt as though we had been whisked away through Chef'd's Piña Colada Chicken. 

Chef'd and Cayman Islands meal kits are available now through September 15th onlineThis post is brought to you in partnership with CIDOT and Chef’d.